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About Us

Our success is achieved by a winning philosophy of excellence. With Production Contracting you receive the highest values that have become the fabric of our corporate culture which include:

  • Safety - Protecting the public, employees and client's interests

    Safety is job 1 - We are incredibly focused in procedural safety and building criteria. We understand the importance of protecting our clients, employees and the public interest. Ensuring safety is an inherit philosophy that must be part of everything we do. We plan for safety and consistently review and refine our safety standards to give you peace of mind and protection from liabilities.

    Our safety standards include:

    • Safety assurance plans and checklists that are built into project plans at every phase of the construction process
    • Safety squad that walks the job site focused on safety and hazardous conditions
    • Regular dust sweeping to keep environment clean at all times
    • Mandatory employee safety training
    • All employees go through OSHA safety training, we want what is best for our business and our people
    • Scaffolding training for all employees to protect employees and public
  • Quality - Saving clients money before they spend it.

    We want our finished product to be outstanding. We are motivated by exceeding client expectations. We like a happy customer and thrive on the surprised look when they see what we are able to accomplish from a timeline/quality/pricing perspective.

    Quality is not something that just happens with hard work, it is achieved by insisting quality in everything we do. Quality is part of our construction process where the most critical decisions are made during our planning phase of the construction process. With our experience, trained eye and passion for the best finished product we are able look at a job from a 3 dimensional point of view and identify potential failures before construction begins.

  • Precision -a trained eye focused on the smallest details.

    Our team of highly skilled craftsman take pride in every detail of our work. This includes very intricate details that sometimes get overlooked but add value to the end product.

    At Production Contracting, precision workmanship is a team approach that comes from proper planning, administration, down to the extremely challenging tasks that yield a high caliber outcome. Careful refinements to our project plans, our quality and safety guidelines all contribute to precision work that yields the highest quality outcomes.

  • Value Focused - When our clients succeed, we succeed.

    Our goal is to provide our clients with maximum value including:

    • Top quality finished product
    • Fair price
    • Accommodation of clients requirements and priorities
    • Partnership with our clients to achieve their financial / business goals
    • Peace of mind from liability, safety and job overruns
    • Strong relationship based on experience and trust
    • Passion to exceed client expectations
  • Passion - Fuels our inner drive to exceed expectations.

    Our team takes an extreme interest in every job we do. Each employee has been hand selected to our team based on their values of pride of workmanship, a competitive spirit, personal challenge to overachieve and a obsession to succeed. This passion fuels our energy and influences the work we do each and every day.

  • Personal Attention / Touch - We hold a vested interest to make each job a success.

    Each project has a unique challenge for our company. As such we hold a vested interest in accomplishing the goals of our clients. To be successful, we must dedicate our focus and attention to the details that make each product a success. Our company leadership will make personal investments in your project and identify key success criteria to monitor. We will also ensure that your project meets our highest quality standards so you can achieve the maximum value of your investment.

Regardless of the size, we provide a turnkey solution including permits, project management, construction and finishing services.

When our customers succeed, we succeed!